Pensole Lewis College of Business & Design is partnering with Carhartt to bring you an immersive hands-on class experience to teach aspiring designers the knowledge and skills they need to excel in the industry. At the conclusion of the class, a select number of students will be chosen for an exclusive internship opportunity with Carhartt.



Class Date: May 2 – June 3

Location: On-Campus


  • Footwear Design
  • Apparel Design
  • Color & Materials Design

Tuition: TBD


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We are creators of the culture and Pensole Lewis College is the keystone in the foundation of design. Getting an L isn’t allowed, but taking the lesson is an opportunity to earn your wins. 

To create the future, you have to prepare

  • Top brands invest in their future leaders and consumers

    by sponsoring a Masterclass designed to empower you to own your narrative, take up space, and create products that connect.

  • Creators, leaders, and originators

    of this industry instruct and mentor you throughout the process.



We Removed the Financial Hurdle

Substantial tuition assistance will be provided for all students enrolled. 

Your responsibility  is to succeed.

To be considered for a class you must apply within each class drop window. There will be multiple opportunities this year so don’t miss any of them!

FOMOFear of missing opportunities.
Has a
at PLC

FOMO only applies to missing the insightful and informative educational opportunities in each class.

Your submission will go under review and only select applicants will secure a seat in that class.

Don’t Give Up!


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Class DropsA window of time that prospective students have to access the application and submit for consideration to be accepted into a specific brand Masterclass.

Our class drops are an advance on your future.
Knowledge, wisdom, practical steps, and resources shared about a specific topic.
Here is how to prepare for them:

Keep an eye on the release calendar View of what class drops will happen and when. to see what brand class is happening next.

Class drop dates will be revealed a few days before they are made available.
Trust us, you don’t want to miss any of them.

Stay ready so you don't have to get ready

1. Read about the class drop (overview, eligibility, requirements).
2. Access the submission brief here: NB Submission Brief

3. Check out these submission examples and sketch templates to help you put your best foot forward
4. Follow us @plcdetroit or subscribe to our email list – so that you stay up to date with class drops.

Enter the Class Drop

Once you are prepared and are ready to submit, click apply now and create your login.

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Complete the application process

NOTE – this is open for 30 days.

Class Draw In Progress

After the class drop closes, your submission will go
under review by our industry experts.

You’re In

You will be notified if you secured a seat into the
Masterclass including the next steps and what to

Release Calendar - 2024

Get Ready for a Legendary Year with Big Brands

Note – Dates and brands are subject to change.


Drop Date: TBA
Career Focus: TBA
Class Dates: TBA


Drop Date: TBA
Career Focus: TBA
Class Dates: TBA


Drop Date: April 8
Career Focus: Footwear Design , Color Design, Material Design, Apparel Design, Graphic Design, Product Marketing, 3D
Class Dates: July 15 - August 16


Drop Date: July 1
Career Focus: Apparel, Color & Materials, Footwear
Class Dates: August 26 - September 20


Drop Date: TBA
Career Focus: TBA
Class Dates: TBA


Drop Date: TBA
Career Focus: TBA
Class Dates: October 7 - November 1

New to the culture? We've Got you!

Here are some terms to familiarize yourself with how it works

Fomo 2.0

Fear of missing opportunities.

Release calendar

Preview of our Brand Masterclasses: Class Drop Dates, Career Focus, and Class dates.

Class Drop

A window of time that prospective students have to access the application and submit for consideration to be accepted into a specific brand Masterclass.

Class Draw

The 2-3 week period after the class drop window closes where applications go under review by industry experts. This is the selection process for prospective students.


A period during the selection process to verify the eligibility of prospective students before their seat in a Masterclass is confirmed.


Confirmation of your secured seat in our Masterclass.